Josef Sporgy and His Work:


Josef Sporgy was born in 1973 in Sokolov, Czech Republic. He studied under academic artist Kamil Sopko. Since 1992 Josef Sporgy collaborated on many art exhibitions and sculpture symposiums. In 2005 he created sandstone sculpture " The Roots", to honor a hundred years old linden year which was vandalized by unknown criminals in Chomutov. This sculpute also symbolizes the human roots. Between 2008 and 2010 Sporgy worked on  group of sculptures called " Muse, Talent and Diligence" ( also from sandstone and featured in his website photo gallery). This sculpture is placed permanently in Jirkov, CR at the garden of Jirkov's Art school. His work mostly consists of linocut graphics and wooden and stone sculptures, with the human body as a theme but some abstract pieces as well. To name some other of his endeavors: he makes artisan furniture that he designs himself, wooden didgeridoo (australian musical instrument), wooden puppets, theater props, designing CD cover, book ilustrations, and much more.    






Samples of Realization of sculptures in public space:


2004-2005 Design and implementation of the statue "The Roots-Find Your Roots" for the city of Chomutov, / stone-sandstone /

unveiling of a statue on: 28.10.2005, Chomutov


2007-2010 Design and implementation of the sculpture: "Muse, Talent and Diligence-celebration of man's creative powers." / stone-sandstone /

unveiling was on: 23.10.2010, Art School in Jirkov


1999-2006 construction work of Cairn in Orasin, CR