Opening Night of OBNA┼ŻENI - August 18, 2012 - basement under Alibaba tearoom, Chomutov


EXHIBITION OPENING 19h - Šporgy, Dan ├łerný, John Nuslauerová and guest: Sylva Weberová
NOW OR NEVER exhibition 18 to August 25, 2012 open daily 15-19h
20h-CONCERT Jazz Quintet Plze├▓
FURTHER EVENTS 19 to August 23, 2012 meeting SKKS always Atrium, Chomutov:


Sunday, 19.08 Body within reach, vigilant mind
Motion workshop / Klara Alvarenga Alexová / 11-16h
This workshop is open to everyone over 15 years, regardless of the theatrical experience. We combine it with a simple warm-up training sessions (not motion) to achieve concentration, tuning the body and mind, and their mutual connections. Special emphasis will be placed on games and exercises that will allow us to follow a more intuitive than rational approach to space and the reality around us. We will work with voice, senses, pencil, paper and simple movement.
Bring with you: comfortable clothes and sports shoes (running shoes or just sneakers ...)

Monday, 8.20 (ART) Meeting Point


open discussion / o.s.Obna┼żeni / 18h
Obna┼żeni convened by the local (and only) artists (poets, painters, cartoonists, dancers, actors, sculptors, acrobats, circus, clowns, musicians, writers ...) or art lovers, thinkers, philosophers, journalists, in short, people of all kinds ... to the occasion 10th year Obna┼żeni (supporting events of the week) participated in public debates, brainstorming, fantasy, discussion, dialogue, meetings ... which is dedicated to nothing but passion for art by breed, inspiring exchange of ideas and visions about the place and importance of the arts in our society.


Tuesday, 8.21 Drawing: in reality
art workshop / John Nuslauerová / 17-19h
You do not know how to draw a portrait or a flower, as if dropped from a real master of the eye, and yet, your statement is true art! Your hand can lead pencil, charcoal or red chalk drawing in the far distant photographically accurate description of reality, but closer to yours, personally - the inner reality. In this artfully tuned art workshop we will focus primarily on the process of creating, communicating participants - pencil and paper and we will play with the instruments of draftsmanship.


Wednesday, 8.22 Yoga Koko
Yoga workshop / John Koko / 17:30 - 19h
The workshop is suitable for both beginners and for those who already practice yoga. Within an hour and a half you will be able to breathe and stretch your body. Maybe some of you will inspire others to practice.
Bring with you: comfortable clothes and washer
Admission to workshops Claire, Jane and Koko is voluntary with a suggested price of CZK 50 per workshop.
Selected papers will be used for event organization, travel, supplies, etc.

Thursday, 8.23 Glamour-ACP
photographic workshop / Dan ├łerný, Charles Pob├Şíslo, Jan Hronský / 17 - 20h
Admission: CZK 250 (contribution to the model)
A limited number of spaces, pre-registration required by e-mail: photo@daniel-cerny.com.

THE FINAL EVENING of August 25, 2012 Church of St. Catherine, Chomutov

17-21h-PERFORMANCE INSTALLATION - Klara Alvarenga Alexová
Church Doors open at 17 pm and closed at 21 hours. Throughout the four hours in the bowels of the basement of the church and performances take place, human installation, and viewers can decide for themselves how long stays of inside.
Afterparty will be held traditionally in the Café Rouge.

Web site: http://obnazeni.wordpress.com/